My Darling Love

from by Brian to Earth



Ayo I'm trying to connect with you like wifi
Or combine like some Dihydrogen monoxide
Like water from them high tides
Or blend together like tie-die
I know you get the picture now just picture what life's like by my side
It ain't much cuz I ain't living in the limelight
But I'ma get there when the times right making sure my rhymes tight
But enough about me
Let's talk about you and how I see you like a klondike
Cuz I would do anything to get these hands on your jaw
To kiss those lips at the thought I'm going "Oh My God"
Ayo I think I might be falling law-ve
Or love, huh
I ain't thinking straight
You got me messing up my words like I'm back in the second grade
But it's ok because my love is like a figure 8, infinite
Now if you feel the same don't be ashamed

Now girl, what you thinking bout?
Cuz all I've been thinking bout is you
Skinny dipping at the pool
and the things that I would do
Now don't pin me as a tool
Cuz I'm giving you the truth
Listen boo
I cannot fight these insticts
And I know you can't either or you woulda stopped listening
Now, I'm not trying to offend or be rude
I'm just letting you know I can't be friends you, boo
I gotta be more than that
All the snuggling and cuddling and take bubble baths
and all the fighting and excitement, girl, I want all of that
I wanna make you laugh
and then 10 seconds later be making you mad
I wanna feel with you
Experience thrills with you
and be real with you
Compromise and deal with you
Cuz you're worth it
I no Longer have to keep on searching
For a girlfriend cuz you're the one I wanna lak this earth


from Hopeless Romantic EP, released February 14, 2016
Beat produced by Brian to Earth



all rights reserved


Brian to Earth Rancho Santa Margarita, California

Listen and you will learn.

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