Ups and Downs, Love as Sounds EP

by Brian to Earth

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This EP is about the ups and downs of love and the effects it has on a person whether good or bad and these feelings that love gives are being expressed through the lyrics and sounds that I have created.


released August 14, 2012

Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie, Soosh, Freddie Joachim, BADBADNOTGOOD, RF3RD for the album Cover, Bliss Eternal

I did not make all the beats used in this EP. Here is the list of who produced what track. Gotta give credit where credit is due...

1. Will You Be My... (Prod. by Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie)
2. My One and Only (Prod. by Brian to Earth)
3 BFZ (Prod. by Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie)
4. I Miss You (Prod. by Soosh)
5. Love, the Double Edged Sword (Prod. by BADBADNOTGOOD)
6. She Completes Me (Prod. by Brian to Earth)
7. Every Time I Think About Her (I Smile) (Prod. by Freddie Joachim)
8. Let's Enjoy This Sunset (Prod. by Brian to Earth)



all rights reserved


Brian to Earth Rancho Santa Margarita, California

Listen and you will learn.

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Track Name: Will You Be My...
You're one of a kind, and I wanted to make you mine/
I don't have any money but I'm willing to spend some time with you/
There's something about your smile, something about your style/
Something about you, I don't know what it is but you got intrigued for a while/
and I'd like to find out the reason why im so distracted/
Is it your fasion or your passion or the way your crafted?/
It should be illegal for someone to be so damn attractive/
I should call the cops cuz you stole my heart and kept it captive/
Damn, you got me tongue tied sometimes I can only think of dumblines/
like girl you are my sunshine lets combine/
become and item these feelings I had to write em/
cuz you're the spark in my life as if you were lightning/
stricking from heavens blessing me with your presence/
so having you around is like a 24/7 christmas present/
let it be known that on my heart you left a permanent impression/
now all I have for you is one simple question/

Give it some thought and listen to what your heart says/
I just wanna plant the seed and wait for it to harvest/
so by the middle of August we can check on the progress/
hopefully by that time you've decided with "aw yes"/
and aw yes indeed I promise to be/
Honest to thee for as long as we/
are together I'll adore mi amore/
even through the harshest which I'm sure we'll endure/
girl, do you see what you do to me?/
everything you do you just do it so beautifully/
and I don't undertsand how you dont have a man/
and I was kinda hoping that maybe I can/
fill that position fill that void /
fill that empty slot I would enjoy/
spending more time with you cuz every second I'm in heaven/
when I'm spending time with you so please say yes to my question/
Track Name: BFZ
I know we've been friend for some time now/
and I've had this question and I need to just find out/
If all the time we've been spending back at my house/
Means that you like me and you wanna be tied down/
She had regret in her eyes/
and said "I never meant to lead you on. I'm sorry, goodbye."

I'm sorry that I jumped the gun asking you to jump the broom/
Don't know what I was thinking it's just I'm just so in love with you/
Rushing into everything like most of us youngins do/
Cannot function properly simply all because it's true/
That your all that I think about. Now whats my life coming to?/
I want you to be my everything. I'll take you out to lunch for food/
and shower you with gifts, but you're saying you want some other dude/
I'd rather have you lie to me; it hurts when you discuss the truth/

Now don't you worry I'll be okay, or at least I hope I will/
All i have to do is pop a couple of these potent pills/
Prescribed by this man that I met in an open field/
Praying that these supplements will help to coup and heal/
these wounds that you left me/
Almost overdosed on love. I know it can be deadly/
The only reason why i didn't is cuz you wouldn't let me/
You wouldn't let me get inside your mind/
and that when the time was right you would, but you're saying your not ready/
Well when then?/
When am I allowed to come out of this zone of being best friends/
I am at an all-time low feeling desperate/
You've got my love locked down with a life-long sentence/
Damn it! Inside I'm going all insane and shit/
Bout to get sicker than the cancer of the pancreas/
Here's your last chance, last time that I'll be saying this/
If you wanna live then you better fuckin date me bitch/
Track Name: I Miss You
Sitting in this darkness, i couldnt help but wonder
if its possible to rekindle loves flames that once were
i know we didnt end things on a good note but
something deep inside that says we're not over
and so what if people dont like this, what we have
oh wait, i apologize, i meant to say what we had
but they just need to relax, mind their own bees wax
all you need to know is that i love you what will it take for you to see that
i never meant any harm
and just like any man out there ive done plenty of wrong
but what makes me differnt is that i dont resist it
i acknowledge that good and evil live in coexistence
im not asking you to take me back dont get it twisted
all im asking for is your forgiveness
so please let me finish and just listen
to what i have to say i bet you feel the same way
that there never is day where you dont cross my mind
without you in my life its like im lost in time
everything is slowed down and its an awful sign
that my life is going no where this feelings got me so scared
cuz my biggest fear in life isnt failing, no
my biggest fear in life is dying alone
sleeping on a bed where the other half is cold
and then it creeps to my side and i can feel it in my soul
these wounds cut deep trust me i know
our love was like an ocean and we were on the same boat
that crashed like the titanic and of course at first i paniced
never felt so alone, i thought that i would die stranded
then all of a sudden, i could see the truth
cuz near death made realize i needed you
but its too late and ive accepted all the cold facts
i know you're moving on but i just wanted you to know that...

My biggest issue is that i miss you
and its hard to let go of all the things we've been through
Track Name: Love, the Double-Edged Sword
I think I loved somebody once, but I'm not even sure/
If it really was love cuz it's something so pure/
Undefinable, explainable, nearly unobtainable/
Too far, but at the same time, insanely close/
Some seek it, but never find it/
Some run away from it, but are constantly reminded/
Some write about it or they read it in the fine print/
and some get lost in it and wonder where the time went/
and others regret all the time spent/
Feeling like it's too much work like it's one big assignment/
but others feel the opposite; become one and combine then/
they vow they will be with each other even after life ends/
See love can be a beautiful thing/
just be aware of all the destruction that it could bring/
Like it could drive a sane man mad/
make him crazy over losing all the things they had/
Man it happens all the time, so listen up/
Life is a gamble and it's risky betting all your chips in love/
Plus, it's so addictive like a whole different drug/
Better keep your guard up like you're using fisticuffs/
cuz with love you never know what'll happen next/
People confuse it with lust only being concerned with having sex/
That's only half of it, love should come with and asterisk/
Stating that when love dies, shit becomes disastrous/
I have to get away from this madness it ain't worth it/
It seems that love can only work in a world that's perfect/
but the world isn't the last time I checked/
I fell in love and broke my heart and still haven't gotten up yet/
Still haven't gotten up yet/
and now my life is a mess/
and now my life is a wreck/

and so, and so I've thought about it
thought about it, thought about it, thought about it
I thought about it

and I decided I was giving up on love after I got my heart broken/
Love hurts too bad. It left me feeling all hopeless/
It got me thinking like "fuck it, I don't need it/
it only scared my heart; the type that never ends up healing."/
But, somehow through the pain I realized that love/
Isn't what hurts, it's rejection that does/
It's the loss of a loved one, the fear of loneliness/
Being thrown into a world and finally feel how cold it is/
but see you never really noticed it before/
because you were covered with love to keep you warm/
It's what kept us going, what keeps us workin/
and when you realize love heals, it's all worth it/
It's different for everyone/
That's why it's so confusing but it's good that there's plenty of/
it to go around that we can share with the world/
Don't be afraid let your love unfurl and just go....
Track Name: Every Time I Think About You (I Smile)
It's like I'm born again. Got a clean slate/
Realized you gotta spend the time, can't be a cheap-skate/
When it comes to love, cuz all the small things matter/
Every second, every minute, every hour, every sentence of every chapter/
Today and the day after; I mean everything/
Love is eternal that's why we offer wedding rings/
To the ones that we love most/
It's the best feeling in life. no other feeling even comes close/
To L.O.V.E./
I saw this girl walking I said "Hello Sweetie/
I'm not the type of guy you forget so easy/
even though my lines kinda get so cheesy, believe me"/
and so we talked for bit exchanged numbers/
i know i just met her but I'm feelin like i love her/
Man I haven't felt like this in a while/
It's like every time I think about her I can't help but smile/

Every time I think about her I smile
Every time I think about her
I can't help but smile
Whenever I think about her
I Smile, every time I think about her I smile
Every time I think about her
I can't help but smile
Whenever I think about her

I swear it's something bout them blue eyes/
Gettin lost never felt so good it's a new vibe/
Good change, good time/
Good personality on top of that you look nice/
I mean beautiful inside and out/
Did it hurt when you fell from heaven and hit the ground/
I know it sounds so cliche but it's basically me saying/
I appreciate having you around each day so please stay/
So we can kick it like a tribe called quest/
Being with you makes me feel like we've been life-long friends/
and maybe, we were lovers in the past/
brought back to continue what we had in fact/
It's so awesome, having met a girl sharing many things in common/
I can let you in without caution/
Now I've been meaning to tell you this for a while/
It's like every time i think about you i can't help but smile/

Every time I think about you I smile
Every time I think about you
I can't help but smile
Whenever I think about you
I Smile, every time I think about you I smile
Every time I think about you
I can't help but smile
Whenever I think about you

I swear it's gotta be destiny/
That you're sitting right next to me/
You, me, we've gotta be two peas in a pod/
I truly do believe that I could spend a whole century/
with you. and I'll never get sick of it/
nah, not even just a little bit/
but let's focus on the here and the now/
cuz I'm lovin every second of this and I can'y help but smile/

Every time I think about you I smile
Every time I think about you
I can't help but smile
Whenever I think about you
I Smile, every time I think about you I smile
Every time I think about you
I can't help but smile
Whenever I think about you

Every time I think about you
I can'y help it I just smile