by Brian to Earth

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This EP was made to showcase my talent not only as an emcee, but as a producer as well. Every track on this EP was produced, recorded (with the exception of the featured artists), mixed and mastered by me.

Music Video for BTE GOT CHOPS:


released February 4, 2014

Concept by me
Album Cover by Mikayel Nguyen
Featured artists: Dex Amora and Mos Poetik



all rights reserved


Brian to Earth Rancho Santa Margarita, California

Listen and you will learn.

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Fell the fire that I'm spitting like a dragon/
Within these atoms I'm packing a magnum/
and blasting facts on these cats that be acting like they made heat/
When in reality, they're fronting over Drake beats, claiming that they ain't weak/
Bu they're softer than a marshmallow/
Always taking the easy route skipping the hard levels/
Cuz, they're not strong like I am/
That's why they all look up to me. I'm not even a tall fellow/
Hah, I chuckle at the irony of it/
I'm a-head of the pack. You're behind me, a suffix/
I know that you're mad that you're losing, but got cry me a bucket/
cuz i don't care, we don't compare. I'm a diamond I'm fuckin/
Amazing. You suck you're a raisin/
Let me explain it, you're dried out/
Like old people at the end of their life. now/
Here's some advice that I suggest that you write down/
Shut up, and put the mic down/
Yo I'll save you the embarrassment/
when I destroy you in front of your parents and/
your friends that say they care when it's a fact,/
they hate you and your raps, and the reason why they played you like that/
is cuz you're a fuckin embarrassment/
so got back to school, get a degree or something/
go find a job or sob in your room and feed your stomach/
man, I don't really care what you do/
just don't show your face in here again you're career, man, is through/

But I am just warming up, warming up/
Bout to get hotter than a sauna does, sauna does/
i can tell these rappers, man, are on my nuts, on my nuts/
Biting my style and it's all because, all because/

and check this out BTE GOT CHOPS
Now imma put like this

like a chef, keeps it fresh
so you know that it's hot!
Track Name: Mellow as Wine (feat. Dex Amora & Mos Poetik)
Brian to Earth:
Hello, I'm Brian/
People who listen to me say I'm mellow as wine
and that this fellow is fine, he's got them hella dope lines/
just an amateur who's still got them professional rhymes it's like mmm/
So juicy
hot like a jacuzzi/
not what you would usually see/
got you going oowee/
rock, you cannot move me/
I, am never losing/
stop what you are doing/
and watch how i am grooving/
cuz this is history in the making it;s crispy like bacon/
don't be mistaken I am the greatest at taking/
and slaying rappers and fakers who claim they're greater/
you're minor, I'm major. what you cook is bland i got the flavor/
That everybody's craving. "Out of this world" is what they're saying/
Like I'm super human. Ask "dude is it true that you're a Saiyan" Of course!/
Always pushing to the next level
what you see is what you get. I never need to embezzle/
Track Name: The Truth
Kickflip, popshuv-it/
i can hear the sirens of the cops coming/
time to go, but never time to stop cuz it's/
one thing to get my mind off life/
I grind on pipes/
and curbs to get my mind all right/
and just, like my trucks yo my rhymes are tight/
flow so clean, it's like i'm using lysol wipes/
now lets got, rolling through my city lookin pretty/
as i pop a hospital flip to a nollie 360 I am simply/
The best emcee doin this/
after one bar I know all your influences/
It's not that hard to break apart what your music is/
I'm the best ar-tist and all of the proof is/
in the pudding. i leave emcees shooken/
I make them look like radio, Mr. Cuba Gooding/
Step to me, they wouldn't, they couldn't, and they shouldn't/
I'm rare like the Based God is in the kitchen cookin/
I'm like, the Gordon Ramsey of sampling/
so precise the way i slice and dice perfect handling/
then i write lyrics to make it pop. it's a cherry on top/
and people love it so much that they share it a lot/
with their friends and their family and everything/
than i got people coming up and they question me/
asking what it is that i out in my recipe/
i say it's a secret and that I'm not telling. See/
when I was 17 I'd listen around/
after much hard work yo i figured it out/
perfecting a developing this different sound/
and so i shot for the stars. I'm bout to be hitting the clouds/
meaning that I'm not at the end of my journey/
and I won't stop until I'm dead on the gurney/
so even if i fall, crashing and burning/
It won't stop my heart from coming back and working/
and that's the truth
Track Name: Thank You
I'm a first generation American
And when I think about it I am super proud of what my parents did /
Coming to a foreign land with hardly any money fearing where to live/
And barely knowing the language if I was them I'd be scared as shit
And they were young just a pair kids/
Had daughter then a year later had another pair if twins/
Survival was imperative/
They were under so much stress you woulda thought they'd need a therapist to get through all the terror it's/
No wonder that they're strong/
My father and mom two biggest influences where I'm sure I get my confidence from/
Always said anything is possible son/
As long your minds in the right state/
And as long as your heart is in the right place/
And even though they'd rather see their son get a degree/
They've always shown love and support for my dream/
And given me everything I needed to succeed/
Which is more than I can ever repay it's true indeed/
And granted that we argue and fight all through the night/
I'm still honored to be calling them my fam/
And gah damn it's took a while to appreciate/
Everything they did to put food to eat on dinner plates/
Pay for the roof above my head so they could keep us safe/
And pushed me to my limits cuz they know that I can be the great-est/
To ever do it
Ever to make music/
And I know that at times I'm a bit a nuisance/
Kick em out the room so I could spit something new which
Could take a couple hours and the truth is/
Their my parents but also like my teacher too
They've a taught me more than whatever could teach at school
So Mom and dad I love you till infinity/
And thank you for everything live given me..
Track Name: That's That
Ayo I'm back at it, uh uh/
It's Brian the raddest rapper and music producer from here to Saturn how did it happen you're askin/
People rationalizing because they're not understanding the way I flow over stanzas thinking it's magic/
well i assure you it's not.
I sit and i practice it makes me different than average/
I got the passion they're lacking and never stabbing a back to get/
ahead of the pack i got more honor than that than most of these faggots/
ayo their dumb and they're wack
and only clutter that path
that i be runnin up fast it's why im passin/
any guy that is slacking their ain't no time for relaxing because/
no one's responsible for my success but me/
i earned what i got i dont get lucky/
yo i do this for the love, homie less than 3 (<3)/
so ima keep working until i rest in peace
and that's that

Irrelevant cats just fade in the background/
I take the volume knob and turn it back down/
Especially if their coming with wack sounds/
Don't quit your day job wack clown/
These fellas ain't ready for this/
last dude to test me man he said he was sick/
spit his verse and didn't even leave a dent or a smidge/
so i mentally destroyed him like i hit him in the head with a brick/
left the guy looking like a vegetable/
sitting with a dunce cap on a pedestal/
yo never judge a book by it's cover
he didn't think i had it in me cuz I'm wearing spectacles/
Needless to say he learned his lesson/
sticks and stones break bones but words are smith and wessons/
that blast your ass and if you have some protection/
it's not enough to withstand an attack from my weapon/
that's that