Beautiful Mind Mixtape

by B-Rhymin

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Just a collection of songs that I've done within the last few months


released June 10, 2011

anyone whose beat(s) i used



all rights reserved


Brian to Earth Rancho Santa Margarita, California

Listen and you will learn.

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Track Name: Don't Need (B-Rhymin Remix)
I don't have friends with the same interest/
I mean they don't rap like me they just listen/
And I don't mind but at times it gets lonely/
Just working on music all alone at my home see/
It gets hard to stay motivated/
Cause In my life I wanna be much more than famous/
And I know over night it's not gonna happen/
So I keep makin songs to better myself by rappin/
Even if it's only by a little fraction/
It's enough to keep me driving and this path without crashing/
Into the median cause then there's no balance/
I wanna be in control, but that's the challenge/
But I'm still young and I got time/
I need to keep focus and stay on my grind/
And expand the length of my comfort zone/
Cause I dont need no other place to go

Why should I leave if I'll just come back/
I might as well stay and chill all day/
Just sit back relax and kick some sick raps/
and record them all to put them in my mixtape/
Yo, I'm just a kid from socal/
The names B-Rhymin and yeah it's a Pro Noun (pronoun)/
And all my favorite rappers, they're all old now/
It's our turn to carry the torch now/
cause we gotta keep the underground lit somehow/
brhymin herbal t big wax and dumbfoundead/
Plus many more
Keepin hip hop alive one day at a time cause
This music, it's our calling/
I don't really care if We end up falling/
And I could sit and wait blasting my stereo/
Cause I don't need no other place to go
Track Name: Resilience
[Verse 1]
Im just living in an upstairs apartment/
So please take your shoes off cause I got carpet/
Sorry for the smell I haven’t taken out the garbage/
im too busy trying to become a hip hop artist/
Yeah, im kind of a rap-oholic/
And you can tell im buzzed just by the way that im walking/
Pacing back and forth with my ipod in/
I may not be the biggest man but my heart the largest/
I love hip hop don’t ever tell me im heartless/
The road to become famous is a long and hard process/
I figured that much, plus im only 17/
And the only thing I hold close is my mic and my dream/
and any light that I see I try to sneak a peak/
Just to see if its true that the other side is green/
And it might just be another big disappointment/
But maybe no so lets see how it ends up going/

Sometimes there surprises in life
Sometimes there good and sometimes there like
“Man it cant get much worse for me,”
But be resilient and get back on your feet cause
Sometimes there surprises in life
Sometimes there good and sometimes there like
“Man it cant get much worse for me,”
But be resilient and get back on your feet

[Verse 2]
Lifes too short to just dwell over nonsense/
Cause whats life if your not making progress/
take chances cause its harmless/
The worst that could happen is your back where you started/
And keep evolving because change is constant/
And self doubt is only something in your conscience/
I promise im being truly honest/
Words can be heavy but not when their thoughtless/
What im trying to say is I mean every word/
Every syllable even if it seems too absurd/
Im not trying to be fly like a bird/
I just wanna make good music like when they sing and they chirp/
And you would think that it would hurt to always be rejected/
But step back and just take a second/
To collect yourself and learn from this lesson/
And you never know maybe your next song will be your best hit/

Sometimes there surprises in life
Sometimes there good and sometimes there like
“Man it cant get much worse for me,”
But be resilient and get back on your feet cause
Sometimes there surprises in life
Sometimes there good and sometimes there like
“Man it cant get much worse for me,”
But be resilient and get back on your feet

[Verse 3]
You might feel like you hit rock bottom
And all the good don’t outweigh the problems
Now im here to give you a lift
To replace the bad with the positive
but just remember im only here to help
eventually your gonna have to learn for yourself
that you gotta lift yourself up whenever you fall
be proud of who you are and stand tall

yeah, stand tall
be proud of who you are, and that’s all
Track Name: Food For Thought [Yonkers (B-Rhymin Remix)]
This was meant for intellectuals/
I Tried To give them food for thought but they all said there heads were full/
Probably cause they ate their meal without any vegetables/
Then left unbalanced with a dunce cap upon a pedestal/
They never had a chance they were susceptible/
To temptation and ate forbidden fruit cause they were taught it was acceptable/
Rejected everything in life except the bull/
And now we're entertained by those who make themselves spectacles/
Then we eat them up like Hannibal Lecter would/
It's kinda hard to stand on your own with a severed foot/
Throw me in the gauntlet I'm ready for whatever look/
I'd never bite the hand feeds me cause I respect the cook/
But let me dumb it down some of have found this hard to believe/
That this kid embodies hip hop in every artery/
No need for glasses it's not hard to see/
That I'm rich with knowledge I'm not living in poverty/

It takes two to tango but ima do it in one/
I never planned to rap on this beat but I thought it would be fun/
Plus I need more views on YouTube cause nobody has a blues clue on who B-Rhymin is so ima go coo coo/
But not for coco puffs I prefer Captain Crunch
I was bored enough to write this song and thats wassup/
I'm intimidating cause I'm b-b-b-bad to the bone/
Tryin to get blown like John Coltrane's saxophone/

Jesus called he said he sick of the disses/
I told him to quick bitching this isn't a fucking hotline/
Oh wait god damn those lines are Tyler's not mine/
But I guess they're right when they say great that minds think alike/
They say I'll never make it and stupid things like/
until the fat lady sings well ima make her sing tonight/
no I'm not immortal I'll be dead when I'm older/
I don't like my neck so it's just a head on my shoulder/
And a good one at that it's exactly where I'm rapping from/
Don't forget the heart cause that's where all the passion comes/
Who cares about appearance I think fashions dumb/
This was food for thought, so eat that for lunch/