7 Days of B​-​Rhymin

by B-Rhymin

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This is a series that I worked on where i made a verse for each day of the week and made a video for it as well.

It takes less than 15 mintes to go through all the songs so be sure to check them out and download!

Here is the YouTube playlist for the videos:

or you can just click on the one you want to watch. either way works :)

1. Sunday Morning:
2. Feng Shui Monday:
3. Kickin' It Ol' Skool on Tuezday:
4. Whensday (VIDEO):
5. Just Another Thursday:
6. It's Finally Friday
7. Funky Fresh Saturday


released April 15, 2012

Handbook, Weirddough, Robbenproject, EOM aka Elements of Music, DJ Mitsu the Beats, Sumeo, Stressa



all rights reserved


Brian to Earth Rancho Santa Margarita, California

Listen and you will learn.

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Track Name: Sunday Morning
[Lyrics] (may be a little off)
It's Sunday morning
I just woke up and i felt like performin
plus i havent written in some time just a couple of dumb lines
but here we go man just another live recording
of me doin my thang master of all the elements like Im ang
veni vedi vici which translates that i came i saw i conquered
cuz im an all star like im sponsered by Converse
anyone who's steppin i reckon i will just wreck em
your steady comin in second so check it i am suggestin
that you leave in a second before i even get tempted
to fuckin lose it and you like me when im angry stupid
cuz ill go fuckin hulk on your asses
tearin you a new one now wouldnt that just be tragic
cuz im that kid im that guy who cant you tell is just mad fly
kinda like im superman im takin out all the bad guys
with wack rhymes and putting them to sleep like its naptime
when it comes wack emcess im counting sheep but in fact im
thinking about this gal who i wanna make pal
and get to know her so maybe one day we can go fuck
oops i meant to say go out
ehh now its kinda awkward im thinking so now
ill go back to these rap theatrics
and make a smash hit with no a cash and wack vids
so when i make and i know that i will
its not just cuz im gorgeous but i also got the skills
to prove that i can spit better than most
im only 18 so im not even close
to reaching my prime so im always improving
i sit at home writting by myself in seclusion
but its all worth it in the end cuz the truth is
its all for the love this music now view this
Track Name: Feng Shui Monday
I never really feel like doing much on Monday's/
But ima change it up like feng shui something like that/
I just got a feeling I ant fight back/
And through this feeling I just come up with these tight raps/
Now a lot of people ask how do I/
Come up with these lines that are magical every time/ well first I
Put the beat on repeat and start vibin to it/
I let it speak to me see that's how B-Rhymin do it/
it's as simple as that/
And with a bit of practice and a little pizazz/
You can attract more fans who will love you till the very end/
As long as you are staying true my friend/
Now I'ma leave you with a question/
There is no right or wrong so no need for guessing now
Cuz would you rather be loved for doin what you hate?
Or be hated for doin what you love. Is that's something to contemplate/
Track Name: Kickin' It Ol' Skool on Tuezdays
Tuesdays a new Day and you came to view me
spit fresh like tooth paste and kick ass like lui kang
im new school with cool slang im the poo poo like shit stains
and I flow like spyro cuz guys know i spit flames
and im dope like the crack nose from rick james
time slows when im in my zone i go insane
with wordplay im pretty witty
what i spit is silly but im to point to the nitty gritty
im simply a kid see
i am not picky when i spit on beats the fact is that they pick me
like i am the chosen one
everybodys asking for more when my flow is done
no one comes close to my talents and abilities
ive got dreams to make it happen in this industry
i never planned to rap but its a passion that grew instanlty
so one day ill do this rapping for a living see i
couldnt imagine doing anything else
and im not looking to obtain a lot of wealth
just to make enough so i can provide for my fam
while doing what i love getting live for my fans
One love for the music and 2 for this lifestlye
3 cheers to happiness 4 this moment right now
cuz it feels so good to be doin this
and i promise ill forever stay true to this
Track Name: Whensday
Ayo I always had trouble trying to spell wednesday/
I never could fricken figure out where the "n" is placed/
Like is it before or after the "d"?
I know it's after but before is how it's sounding to me you know?/
Like "When's day" is how everyone pronounces it/
So it doesn't help when they say spell it by the sound of it/
Like "Whensday" or Wednesday..
Whatever fuck it man anyway/
I'm just chillin coasting off the sounds and the rhythms/
Of any beat that I decide to listen to/
And if I like then I'll write inside my living room/
And "wrap" and song as a present that I will give to you/
It's like every days your birthday/
And everybody seems to live the wordplay
Cuz I'm blessed Yes I was destined to just be the best/
Like ash ketchum I'll never settle for less/
So Bob your head if you can vibe to this thumbs up of your liking it/
Cuz its a pain reliever like It's Vicodin/
I'm sicker than your sinuses and viruses inside your body I'ma just/
Rhyme and stuff until I'm out of breath and i reach the point time to bust/
And listen when I say remember the name B-Rhymin cuz/
I'm headed to the top and not even the sky's enough/
To hold me down from where i need to go/
and frankly thats all you need to know/
Track Name: Just Another Thursday
It's Thursday and I was just thinking of this time/
When I was thinking about this time when I was thinking bout this rhyme/
But I forgot what it was and it's a bust just because/
It was really good and it would have been something you'd love/
But oh well, i guess that means to work on a new song/
Can't get caught up on the past gotta move on/
So I stick to what I know so I can't do wrong/
I just happens that what I spit is hot like the weather up at
Tousan Arizona/
Where the girls are pretty and the air is warmer/
Now could you spare a quarter cuz I need more than a penny for my thoughts/
Cuz im broke as hell so i need any kind of spark/
To get my fire burning cuz its a cold world we living in/
But it's beautiful at the same time now isn't it/
It's kinda funny how life is/
Money can't but happiness cuz is happiness is priceless/
Track Name: It's Finally Friday
Waking up this morning I just smiled and cheered/
Cuz friday is finally here/
And I'm sure this will be the night of the year/
Yeah I like to party but no need to find me a beer/
Cuz I don't do that all I care about is where the food's at/
And all the pretty ladies that get around like 2pac/
Cuz I'm single and I'm ready to mingle/
Not looking for a wife but maybe just hang for a little/
Other wise you can find me chillin/
Or dancing to the rhythms that be bumping through your systems/
Getting high off the music that I find so appealing/
That by the end of the night is like I'm tied to the ceiling/
Enjoying every minute cuz there is no hurry/
Hakuna Matata which no worries/
all I'm lookin for to have tonight/
Is a good time so I'll be all right/
If your feelin as good as I am say yeah/
If your Living in the moment not worrying about tomorrow say yeah/
If your feelin do high just naturally say yeah/
If you think I'm tr best rapper alive say yeah/
Track Name: Funky Fresh Saturday
[Lyrics] (sorry for the mubling in the beginning)
Let's see how much I can finish in a minute/
Bout ramble on so half the shit I'm spitting is just gibberish/
I will not be surprised of you cannot stay with this/
So with this said let's get straight in it yo!/
I hail from the OC so cal/
Spitting jungle flows so you know that it's so wild/
Got the new school feel flow mixed with the old style/
link's in the description to my Facebook profile/
Oh wow here he goes advertising his name which is B-Rhymin/
Breaking down every syllable likes a freaking science/
Might as well change my name Doctor Flow cuz I got the flow/
That'll rock the boat and dope just like rocks of coke/
I'm about to blow cuz I can't breath/
That was like verbal version of a stampede/
You know this boogie is for real just like canned heat/
Would you like some more food for thought I gotta a whole fricken pantry/
Full of delicious treats/
I got my homie Noah over here making these wicked beats/
And I'm coasting right now I am living free/
Music is priceless so living this life isn't cheap/
Cuz you gotta pay dues/
And people are mad because I always stay cool/
I stay composed under all this stress/
Maybe that's why I'm living so, funky fresh/

I'm feeling kinda funky and im living lovely/
Gotta thank the man above me for making me bright that's why they call me sunny/
In still a kid but don't play me for a dummy/
And if you make that mistake then for sure you'll feel crummy/
like an upset tummy/
Boy I do this cuz I love it not for money now/
Everytime I rap I got the crowd going yucky/
Cuz I got a sick flow like a nose thats always runny/
Yo I'm so nasty like I came from trash heap/
I'm the shit but never crappy so I always keep it classy/
Ask me if I'm slow I'll say yes cuz I'm ill the cold it's easy to catch me/
Get it? What I spit is outrageous/
And my foot hurts cuz I've been kicking so much anus/
There's just not contest/
Maybe that's why I'm living so so funky fresh/